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Monica's Massage


John Aviles | Stanley, NC 28164 | United States
I was pleasantly surprised by Monica's knowledge of the human body and how to use that understanding to help people. She was a blessing to me and my pain! Some of her techniques were aggressive, but very affective! I wish I lived in the area, I would make her my person to see when I needed care! BTW She showed me that she really cared how I was doing, and that's rare! I highly recommend her when you are in pain...she's a good person and knows her field!
Thank you, Monica!

Paul W. | n/a | Elk Grove Village | United States
Relentless and effective deep tissue massage. Monica is very knowledgeable in her field. I'd recommend her services to anyone looking for this style of treatment.

Raj N | Schaumburg | United States
I went to Monica for my shoulder pain that was making it very difficult to even lift my arm. Monica knows exactly the pain points to work on. I have felt soo much relief that I am feeling so much relieved of the pain. I would definately recommend her. Thanks Monica. You are amazing.

Radhi. C | Palatine, IL | United States
I had shoulder pain and neck pain for more than 15 years. I went for deep tissue massage, in one session I felt relief. Monica knows what she is doing. She is great and very knowledgeable. Definitely will be going back.

JOE MANZELLA SR | Elgin IL, | United States,
Can get a massage by a man?

Holly | Elk Grove Village | United States
Unlike any other!! I was amazed, Monica is the best I've had. I have terrible stress and anxiety and hold alot of it in my upper shoulders etc, Monica worked hard and explained everything as she went along. I actually experienced an emotional release where I started crying, and I haven't cried in years I thought something was wrong with me that I had become emotionally numb by life experiences. I actually had such a physical and emotional release together getting all of that negative stuck emotions that have built up inside of me. She told me this was normal and to let it all out,I was completely drained and tired after and slept through till the next morning. When I woke I felt so calm and light, it's so hard to put into words, it really was like magic!! Massages will now be a part of my must to do list.,
Thank you Monica so much!! Still feeling great!!

Alexia Rodela | Schaumburg | United States
All I have to say is that if you are looking to get the best massage then you need to come to come to this place. Monica is great, her hands feels like angels and the room is very relaxing. I am definitely going back for another massage. I absolutely loved it.

Nilda Nieves | SCHAUMBURG,IL | United States
I have been to Monica's I want to say a couple months ago. My husband bought me a massage and heard good reviews about this place. Normally, I go to Massage Envy or places like that...but for a hour they are so expensive and do not focus so much on my needs. At Monica's they focus on what hurts the most and lessens the pain, Monica relieves my tension, knots, and also educates on what to do to lessen the back aches. Honestly, I will continue to go to her and will tell my friends and family about this establishment! I am so happy my husband found this place for me. Every time I leave Monica's Massage I feel like a new ME! :)

Ann Gray | Roselle, Illinois | United States
I have been going to Monica's since 2007 and will continue. You get what you pay for. I get an effective deep tissue massage. I have been introduced to other places over the years, but the one time I tried, I left feeling I needed a real and effective massage. She evaluates and relieves my pain and she knows her stuff! Over all, a massage from Monica's is effective, no matter the masseuse, though I prefer Monica.

I | United States

Eric | eric.mrls@yahoo.com | Elgin, IL | United States
After having my first massage at Monica's and having a wonderful experience I had to go back for another. After a long week at work I gave Monica a call and she was able to fit me in for a much needed "mini-vacation". A big thanks to Monica and her staff!!!

Carolyn Neal | Forest Park, IL | United States
I booked a last minute massage at Monica's after the masseuse I had booked almost a week prior cancelled the same day. I have fibromyalgia and really needed a massage to lessen the pain and stiffness I had been experiencing for weeks. I've have been to a lot of therapists and had a lot of massages. Kira gave me one of the best deep tissue massages I've ever had. I haven't felt this much lasting relief from my pain in years. I won't be returning to my old massage therapist but I'm definitely going back to Monica's!

Kate wegrzynowicz | 7083057810 | Schaumburg | United States
I came to Monika with cold shoulder and muscle spasms and couldn't move my left arm and shoulder. Had a hard time to wash my hair and grab anything. After just first appointment Monika helped me a lot to release the pain and after every each appointment my flexibility was much better and pain was less and I was able to move my arm and shoulder better. Thank you Monika.

Tracey Ownbey | Hoffman Estates, IL | United States
I went to Monica's about a week ago, for the first time. Irina gave me a wonderful deep tissue massage. I have a lot of tensions and with her hard work, she was able to relax muscles, that I don't believe have ever been relaxed. I'll be going back, for sure! I plan to go again this week. I definately recommend trying their services, I know I'm going to be regular.

Matt | Pingree Grove | United States
Irina was very attentive to what I asked for and did an amazing job. I left feeling relaxed and pain free. I'll be back for sure.

Heather | Plainfield, IL | United States
Monica is absolutely AMAZING in every way! Professional, kind, caring....the absolute best massage therapist I have ever been to! I have suffered from severe migraines every week for over 15 years and as soon as I started coming to Monica my migraines have been NON-EXISTENT! I cannot even begin to Giulioexpress how truly thankful I am to her for helping me. Because of her, I am actually able to live free of debilitating pain. I would recommend her to anyone. From the bottom of my heart Monica, thank you!!!!

David Bruns | Elk Grove Village | United States
Hi I was wondering if you had any kind of membership benifits like Massage envy?
I was paying 59.99 plus tip.
I guess my second question would be are the prices on your web site a flat rate or do I need to tip?

Patrick | United States
I saw Irina and she was amazing. She blended Swedish and deep tissue and listened to me. Thank you Irina.

Julie Vogl | Geneva, IL | United States
I first found this place just with a web search because I was having so much back and neck pain and could not get in to my chiropractor. What a find! Monica is amazingly knowledgeable and skilled. She quickly found multiple sources of my pain. I have chronic back, neck and shoulder pain from computer work and an old injury, but I felt better after one treatment. I look forward to my appointment every month to get me back to healthy, pain-free state.

Judy | Hanover Park, Il | United States
I walked in as a new client in pain and walked out just achy. I highly recommend Monica's due to there knowledge of the body and wide array of techniques to help heal the body! I was very comfortable with their shop and already have follow-up appointments.

Laurie Brennan | Elk Grove Village, IL | United States
Been here twice and will go back. Very knowledgeable staff in all kinds of massage techniques. I highly recommend Monica's Massage.

Babs | Mountain City, TENNESSEE | United States
Very happy we found Monica's Massage. I am visiting the area for work along with some co-workers. Two of us needed some work after standing on our feet for 4 days at a trade show. Really wonderful, deep therapeutic massage.

Steve | Schaumburg, IL | United States
Steve Partman reviewed in the last week Quality Excellent I have been going to Monica's for 9 years. I have a herniated disc and am prone to get sciatica. Monica has been able to relieve the pain and relax the muscles to the point that the sciatica is gone! She also does a great job of relieving the pressure on my back due to the herniated disc issue. Monica's is the best place to go for pain relief and relaxation of your muscles!

Helen | Schaumburg, IL | United States
I have been 1000 of messge centers but Monica is diff she touch u where is pain is i think she scan u body with eyes its onn of the best expert i have had in my life....

Earl Beecher
Hoffman Estates, Illinois | United States
Monica worked on my neck and back and it was better than any Chiropractic adjustment I have ever had. This is therapeutic, not an amateur for sure!!!

Robert | Chicago, IL | United States
Outstanding professional therapeutic massage in a clean relaxing atmosphere.

Giulio | Roselle, IL | United States

Peter | DK | United States
Got an awesome deep tissue massage from Katerijna today. Very professional and she really found my troublesome spots. Great massage! Thank you

Robert | Schaumburg | United States
I made a last minute appointment for a massage because my lower back was killing me. Kateryna received me and gave me the best massage ever loosing my tension to truly relax. I am very grateful to find such a professional who knows what is needed to relieve the pain. Thank you Kateryna.

John | Park Ridge, IL | United States
I have been going to Kateryna for about 4 years and I have NEVER had a bad experiance! Every time I leave I feel relaxed and refreshed! She caters the message to meet your needs, unlike other places that give you a generic massage that fits the "standard".

Dr. David Fr. | auth.ccsend.com | New York, NY | United States
I travel a lot. When I come to Chicago, Kateryna T. is the first one who I want to see very bad. She is the best of all massage therapist I ever had in my life and I have had hundreds of them. She is professional, tolerant and maintains the highest standards of professional conduct and strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics. Highly recommend!!!

Nancy Murphy | Chandler, AZ | United States
I came here with my mother and we both had a massage. I felt so much better and so did my mother. She was bouncing around whereas before she had a stiff and painful knee.The therapists here are so accommodating, friendly, and professional. Highly recommend!

Rose | Elk Grove Village, IL | United States
I want to say that Kateryna gives the "BEST" massage ever. I have gone to her twice with problem area's one in the shoulder meuslce and one in the forearm and within minutes of her massge the pain was :GONE"!!!! Kateryna you are a god send!!

George | Schaumburg, IL | United States
Feb 29, 2012 After my visit to Monica's yesterday with extreme shoulder pain I was truly amazed at how quickly the pain went away. They advertise pain relief massage and it is exactly that. Within 30 minutes of my arrival they had not only keyed in on the pain but relieved the pain I had been suffering from for over two weeks. These were the first professional massage therapists that were truly concerned with fixing my pain.

Giulio Difiore | Roselle, IL | United States
I think kat gives best massage in the world, even better than the chinese massage keep up the good work

E Brown | Rolling Meadows, Illinois | United States
I went to Monicas for the first time in December 2011. I had a lot of muscle pain and really needed to find a good therapist to help me. Monica listened to the issues I was having and both Monica and Katrina have done a fantastic job for me. Monica and Katrina are highly skilled and really care about doing the best job possible. I have been getting massages for many years, but Monica and Katrina have been, by far, the best I have had. I highly recommend them and this place of business. Gratefully E. Brown

Tony | Pal, Il | United States
I've had 2 sessions now with Katrina. I get approx. 3 massages per month as I weightlift heavily and run long distance. Katrina's massage is above and beyond the best massage I've received. That includes prof. athlete services, chiro's, and other therapists trained in Europe. She is uber-knowledgeable about the body and knows how to work you. Don't let her pretty looks and pettite way fool you, she is very strong and you'll leave feeling lighter on your feet (and a bit sore!) I plan on beinga regular, she is replacing my usual long standing Ukrainian therapist!

RM | Schaumburg, IL | United States
This was my first massage and it was amazing. My masseuse Katrin was able to find all my stressful including all the ones I didn't know were there. She was very friendly and very attune to the relaxation my body needed. Definitely a place for repeat business!!

April Bukowski | Roselle, IL | United States
I have been seeing Kate for just under a year. She is wonderful. She knows what she is doing, friendly, truly cares about her clients, and works with Dr. Rosser. I always feel better after going o her. I never thought I would enjoy a deep tissue massage, but now I realized just how much I need it! :) I would and have recommended her to family/friends. If you want good massage - then go see Kate!

R. Lynn Zulkoski | United States
One of the best therapeutic massages that I have ever had to date 9.21.11 from the masseuse from Jordan. She knows how to make the hurts feel good.

Jenna | Schaumburg, IL | United States
I had severe tightness and pain in my hips and was limping. I came to Monica to get a therepeutical massage and felt 100 times better the next day. I will keep going to her, as this massage really helped. I could really feel the difference!

Michael Maddaloni | Sch, Il | United States
Very disappointed as I tried to turn my wife on to a Swedish massage and you gave her deep tissue... Poor Girl Will NEVER go for a massage again. and I will NEVER use your service again.

Larry Arquilla | Hoffman Estates, ILLINOIS | United States
My wife and I have been going to Monica's for about 3 years now. As far as I am concerned, they are miracle workers. No one gives a better deep tissue massage than they do. I was just in there because my shoulder went out (touch of bursitis and tendonitis). I could barely lift my arm. Monica worked on it fixed it. Better than any doctor could do.

Faraaz | schaumburg, il | United States
what to say about Monica she is master of master i have been around the world and i have been 100 of mess centers but Monica is diff she touch u where is pain is i think she scan u body with eyes its onn of the best expr i have had in my life....

Kim | Hoffman Estates, IL | United States
There is not a massage therapist around that is as skilled as Monica. I've had chronic back spasm for years and during the first session she found all the problem areas that even doctors couldn't fix. I cannot recommend her highly enough...she is amazing!

Linda Mason | Elk Grove Village, IL | United States
I have been going to Monica's Massage for the last year, and Monica has helped me a great deal. Monica is more like a doctor than all of the real doctors that I have gone to. By just feeling your muscles, she can immediately find the spots that have problems. She is really quite amazing. She will find the spots that are causing the pain and work to loosen the inflamation. I have been to numerous chiropractors, doctors, and physical therapists, and Monica is the only one who has helped me. I am an accountant so I spend all day at a computer. Twenty years of this tight computer work has left me with chronic shoulder pain. When I first went to Monica, my shoulder had virtually no mobility. After working with Monica, I am largely without pain for the 1st time in years. If you are in pain, Monica can help you. She is amazing.

Izabela Jaracz 
Wood Dale, IL | United States
Today was the first time I have received a deep tissue massage. I have tried other massage therapists but no one massaged me as hard as Ms. Monica, which is great for me becuase that is exactly what I needed. I have huge knots on my back which make my hands go numb and give me tension headaches. She stretched me and focused mainly on the knots. This was good because no other therapist focuses on your problem. They massage your whole back and tell you that that's what they have to do. It was painful at times, but that is the only way to get rid of this. I feel better already. I feel like I have gotten some more blood flow to my head which was another problem of mine. I'm definately returing next week. After so many people that i've tried already, I think this may be my way out.

Shepp | Schaumburg, IL | United States
Monica cured my ultra stiff shoulders in just one session! After 3 months of hard spring training my shoulders were painfully locked up. I walked out a refreshed new man and had a great night sleep finally! ....she's at the level that professional athletes must enjoy?! Thank you Monica!

Andrea Carrell | Schaumburg, IL | United States
I am 9 mos. post jaw surgery. Monica's Massage has been so helpful during my recovery. I have always experienced upper neck and back pain, and Kate and Monica have helped me get back to living again! They are always positive and don't mess around when talking to you about taking steps to getting healthy and staying healthy!

Chris Reyes | Schaumburg, IL | United States
I enjoyed an amazing couples massage with my wife at Momica's. My wife and I both felt that the way the massage was delivered was at a different level than any we've ever recieved. It's so much more than a great feeling and relaxing massage. It's therapeutic and rejuvenating! These ladies know what there doing. Thank you!

Greg Wilkiel | Schaumburg, Illinois | United States
I came to Monica suffering from chronic headaches and was a regular user of Ibuprofen for pain relief. Monica gave me a consultation and within 5 minutes located the area in my neck that was generating these headaches. After a few sessions of her therapeutic massages the headaches were far and few between. I also had issues with pain in my lower back which she has pretty much eliminated. Monica's energy and massage technique are one of a kind. It's apparent that Monica has a genuine concern to help all her patients.

Chris | Schaumburg, Illinois | United States
The massage was so soothing and it really helped me to relax! Working at my computer all day. . .I never realized how much stress that can bring in my neck and shoulders! I will be back!

Kim Reyes | Schaumburg, Illinois | United States
OMG. . .This was the BEST massage that I ever got!! It really helped with my neck pains. . I feel great!! Thank you!!